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South African players, just like those from many other countries, enjoy gambling. While there are some land based casinos that are available in this area, players who wish to participate in online gambling will have to learn the specific laws that are in effect. For a number of years, South Africa was trying to legalise online gambling so that online casinos and poker rooms could be licensed to operate within the country. However, a ruling of the high court states that all forms of online gambling are illegal and there will be no operating sites in the country at all.

For players who still want to engage in online gambling activities, this does not signify the end of options. In fact, players can access a multitude of off shore SA online casino sites that offer casino games and poker rooms. These sites are operated in other countries, but will accept cash players from South Africa. If any online poker room is found to be operating in South Africa, there are strict fines and penalties that will apply. It is also possible for players to be fined, but this has not happened as of yet.

Even with the ban on online gambling and the fines and imprisonment of up to 10 years that is faced, many players still take their chances and access South African online casinos to enjoy games for cash rewards. Online poker rooms that accept international players will cater to the needs of those from South Africa, so there are many choices still available, but players will have to make the decision on whether to take the chance of not getting caught or paying a hefty fine for breaking the new laws.

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